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A hearty consumer of fiction, Lloyd lives to read and write. He works in tech sales in the bustling hub that is Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not at work he either has his nose buried in a fantasy novel, or he’s busy writing his own. Lloyd is fascinated by history and incorporates historical elements into his novels whenever he can. Although he isn’t a historian. He considers himself more of a historical thief, pilfering his favourite parts and putting them to use as he sees fit. Lloyd has written one novel so far, Snowborn. He has plans for four more books in the same series. And fleshed out ideas for a dozen more novels that he is eager to write.

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Snowborn is a novel of adventure, brotherhood and evolution. While the novel follows the separate but parallel stories of two men, background stories are woven insidiously through out. Friend is foe, foe is friend. Remember, a man who always stands face to face with his enemy is the most vulnerable to a knife in the back.

Read an excerpt from Snowborn here.