making someone’s day

Today was different to any day before it. I woke up to my alarm going off, sat up and sat on the edge of my bed and put my slippers on, normal so far, but when I looked down at my slippers, they were brown, yesterday they were blue.
I opened my door and called down to my mum.
“Mum, what colour are my slippers?”
“Brown!” Came the reply.
I shrugged it off and went to brush my teeth.
I grabbed my toothbrush and squeezed toothpaste onto it, but it came out black. I was shocked for a moment, but I dismissed it, assuming mum had bought that weird charcoal toothpaste, she was always doing weird things like that. I brushed my teeth, it tasted normal so I wasn’t really worried and went downstairs.
I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, mum had already made breakfast so I greedily helped myself.
I looked up at my mum as she walked past and dropped my fork.
“Mum! Did you dye your hair green!?” I asked.
She looked at her reflection in the window and there was only the briefest moment of hesitation before she replied.
“I’ve always had green hair, what are you talking about?”
Did she? Was I going crazy? I went to the living room and looked at the photo on the mantelpiece of our family, and sure enough she had green hair. Weird, I must be going crazy.
I went back up to my room and got dressed. I had to go and help Mr. Byres next door, he was really old so I helped him out whenever I could. He usually paid me a dollar or two.
I went downstairs again said goodbye to my mum, briefly hesitating as I looked at her hair, but I shook my head and went next door.
Mr. Byres was sitting on his porch in the chair he always sat in. I waved happily to him as I walked up his driveway. He grunted back at me. Nothing weird there. As I walked closer, I noticed that his chair didn’t have any legs! It was just floating!
“Mr. Byres!” I shouted. “How are you doing that? Your chair doesn’t have any legs!”
Mr. Byres looked down dismissively and looked at me like I asked him what the sun was.
“It’s never had any legs boy, what are you talking about?”
“Then why doesn’t it fall to the ground?”
Mr. Byres looked back down at the chair again. “Well, it, um, it…” He looked to be in some discomfort as he tried to work it out.
“It just works alright boy!” He snapped. “Always has. Don’t you have better things to do than mocking an old man?”
I knew better than to hang around when Mr. Byre was in a bad mood. I threw the odd chair from my mind and scuttled into the garage to grab the rake and start my chores.
Maybe it’s because I was so busy, or maybe Mr. Byre had scared me so much I just kept my head down, but I didn’t notice anything else weird until later that afternoon.
It wasn’t until I was walking back up to my house after finishing my chores, I heard a car coming. I turned and looked and saw the strangest thing of all that day. A man was sitting in the car, his hands holding the wheel and his feet on the pedal, his left arm was resting on the window and he was staring straight ahead, except there was no car. He was just floating along the road at 45 miles an hour. I could still hear the engine, but I couldn’t see the car.
Now I knew something was wrong. Either I was going crazy, or the world was.

I stood still and looked around my surroundings. Now that I was looking for strangeness it was everywhere. A Tree was growing through someone’s wall. A dog was disappearing from the garden and reappearing on a roof, then just as suddenly reappearing in the garden, barking maniacally as it happened. A plane suddenly appeared overhead so loud and so low it knocked me to the ground, then just it vanished again, leaving silence in its absence. All the people I could see on my street appeared totally unfazed by the oddness of our world.
Just as I began to resign myself to life of strangeness and incongruity, I saw something even more peculiar than my slippers, and mum’s hair, the floating chair and the teleporting dog. In the middle of the street was a black wall. It was running diagonal across the road and it wasn’t connected to anything. It was just a black wall standing where it had no right to be standing. I saw people driving and walking around it without giving it so much as a second glace.
I walked up to the black wall, it was completely smooth, like polished stone. I walked to the side of the wall, it was as thin as paper, but it felt completely solid. The other side of the wall was the same, except at the far end of the wall was a man, kneeling in front of the wall, with what looked like an electrical panel open in front of him.
I walked closer to the man. There was something strange that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I crept closer. I noticed it now, he had 4 arms. Well, it certainly wasn’t the strangest thing I’d seen all day. I continued edging closer. I noticed his skin was grey and he was wearing what looked like a black lab coat too. I was a little nervous, but my strange day had numbed me enough that I didn’t immediately run away. I took another step closer and kicked a can that I hadn’t seen. As it loudly scuttled away from my foot the man looked up at me and was startled, he hastily closed the panel, the wall became a completely flush, smooth black finish again, like there was no panel at all. Then the man and the wall just disappeared. Vanished, into thin air.
I shook my head again and walked away. This seemed no stranger to me than anything else I had seen that day.
As i walked back to my house,’ the dog raised a sleepy head, gave a short little, “ruff”, and Mr. Byres gave me a wave from his normal chair. When I got inside, there was Mum, reading a book, her hair brown, as it should be.