“Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.”
- George Orwell

A Painted Brothers Novel


The Wolf and The Sword By Lloyd Edwards

Marcus Snowborn is a deadly killer. A Captain in the feared Warrior Clan of The Old Kingdom. He possesses skills, aggression and instinct that few can match.
When a 200 year long peace between two great nations is broken Marcus will need everything he has to survive as he embarks on a journey on which he is mercilessly and constantly hunted. But Marcus is no stranger to a hunt, and he’s never truly alone.

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A Painted Brothers Novel

The sea-rats (Coming not-so-soon)

The Searats by Lloyd Edwards

With war against The Old Realm looming once again, King Albert is desperate to secure a peace deal with the piratical nations that hound his east coast. He sends a negotiation team, escorted by the Searats. The Searats are a violent, dirty and highly effective naval unit and The King’s most trusted naval weapon. When the ships sail straight into a trap Jax’ crew must escape the jaws of the pirates and return to King Albert with news of the treachery. But it’s more than just pirates hunting the Sea-rats.

A Painted Brothers Novel

the grace of war (coming at least before the end of time)

The Grace of War by Lloyd Edwards

Prince Leon’s roaming band of outcast warriors has grown, led by himself, Marcus and Jax. But they are still a small band of men facing an invading horde. The King refuses to unleash his army and with treachery in their midst Leon fears the only way to save his people is to submit to their invaders.

Bella, horrida bella

Bella, Horrida Bella by Lloyd Edwards

Andy McEvoy is a soldier with the elite SAS. A mysterious government agency approaches Andy with a mission. His skills, his discretion and his reputation make him the perfect man for a dangerous mission. He is to travel forward in time to 1950. Something goes wrong and Andy wakes up in 104 A.D. Dressed in his modern military fatigues and armed with only his Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife he must try to stay alive. Andy has been a soldier his entire adult life, but will his skills be enough against the barbarian hordes?

The Hidden

The Hidden by Lloyd Edwards

Caleb Owens has always wanted to join The Hidden, the secretive and deadly group of assassins that most will swear doesn’t exist. But when young gCaleb comes face to face with a Hidden Assassin he is left bloody and dying and his life ends up on a very different path.