7 of My Favourite Writing Prompts


Sometimes your natural flow of ideas begins to stagnate. At times like this I like to use creativity stimulants. My favourite of these is to find different writing prompts from around the web. One of my favourite stories I’ve written was started by a prompt given by my wife, “Ocean”. Sometimes a single sentence, or even a single word can inspire a whole story.

When writing a novel it’s important to just write. Keep writing, keep the story progressing, you may have to delete whole pages when you read it back, but if you don’t just keep writing then you’ll never finish. For short stories it’s a little more difficult than that, you may only have 3000 words, or less, to write a story so you need that inspiration from the beginning.

Here are some of my favourite writing prompts, I haven’t used all of them but these are the prompts that when I read them my brain immediately flooded with ideas.

Your character suspects his wife is having an affair and decides to spy on her. What he discovers is not what he was expecting.

Your elderly character escapes from the retirement home where his or her children have placed him or her.

A team of scientists have successful teleported an apple. When it returns there’s a bite taken out of it.

A person finally develops the film in a camera they’ve had for decades.

Write a short story in which the main "character" is the setting: a house.

Life as a fish in the pond only appears to be peaceful.

You just got kicked out of heaven. Now what?