5 Times Sci-Fi Predicted Real Life Inventions

Sci-Fi has been a staple of pop-culture as long as people have been able to tell stories. Sci-Fi is wonderful because it has no rules. Whatever fantasies or ideas you have can be explained away with science yet to be thought of yet. It’s basically organized magic. The things we see in sci-fi are often the things that would make life easier or things that would be fun. So it’s natural that scientists and inventors would turn to sci-fi for inspiration. Here’s a few examples where sci-fi has had an idea that we’ve later come to rely on in life.

2001 Tablets.jpg

2001: A Space Odyssey 

Tablets. Perhaps Steve Jobs isn’t quite the ideas man we thought he was…

Star Trek Phone.jpg

Star Trek

The Mobile Phone.

The show's pocket communicator with the flip-up grid antenna inspired Motorola engineer Martin Cooper to design the world's first mobile phone in 1973.

Total Recall Self Driving Car.jpg

Total Recall

Self-Driving Cars. Not quite as elegant as Elon Musk’s Tesla, but it’s still a self driving car long before they were a reality!

targed ads minority report.jpg

Minority Report

Targeted Ads.

Hate them or love them, targeted ads are here to stay.


The Jetsons

The Roomba. Our circular hoovering friends don’t quite have the personality of what we saw in the Jetsons, but knowing humankind they’ll only become more and more personalized.

Is there anything from science fiction you’d like to see become a part of our mainstream lives? The T.A.R.D.I.S perhaps?

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