My Top 5 Magical Items/Gadgets

I’m pretty sure all of us at some point have pointed our hands at something and strained with all our might to make it move. Only to disappointingly find out that we are not, in fact, magical or a Jedi Knight.

Well here’s a bunch of other really cool stuff that we can never have…. Wait why did I write this?

My Top 5 Magical Items/Gadgets

The T.A.R.D.I.S -

As a huge Dr. Who fan I’m obviously going to load this list with Dr. Who references.
(Tenth Doctor is my Doctor.)
The T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space for those who didn’t know) is the last word in transportation. The Tardis can take you anywhere in time and space. It’s also essentially indestructible, the hordes of Atila the Hun couldn’t get through those doors, and they tried!

It also doesn’t hurt that just by being in the Tardis you gain the ability to understand and speak every language in the universe.

It’s also bigger on the inside, as we all know. But how big? Impossibly big. Inside the Tardis there is the main control room, several bedrooms, libraries, storage rooms, a swimming pool and another control room. Plus countless/infinite more rooms. The Tardis is its own universe.

Forget the Hogwarts acceptance letter, or getting to choose your starter Pokemon, I always wanted to travel the universe as a Time Lord.

My Top 5 Magical Items/Gadgets

Sonic Screwdriver -

What’s this, another Dr. Who reference? You’re god damn right another Dr. Who reference.

The famous Sonic Screwdriver. It can do anything! Except work on wood and unlock doors that are dead sealed.

What’s that? You want an itemised list of everything the Sonic Screwdriver can do? Well, okay.

  • Burning or cutting certain substances

  • Unlocking or locking doors

  • Remotely detonate specific machines or explosives

  • Amplify sound-waves and the power of an X-ray machine beyond its normal capacities

  • Disarm weapons and electronics

  • Flashlight

  • Intercept and conduct teleportation

  • Hack an ATM

  • Regenerating razor wire on a fence

  • Darken eyeglass lenses to transform them into sunglasses

  • Microphone (when connected to an audio amplifier)

  • Detect and interpret signals

  • Conducting medical scans

  • Locking the coordinates of the TARDIS

  • Tracking alien life

  • Control the properties of atoms and molecules on a small scale

  • Operate computers, whether their origin is alien or human

  • Provide Geo-location

  • Light candles

  • Creating a force field wave with two other sonic to physically repel a Dalek

  • Modification of a mobile phone

  • Disclosure and deactivating camouflage

  • Disarm Robotics

  • Scan and classify matter

  • Shatter glass

  • Create an "acoustic corridor" for speaking with someone far away

  • Shocking neural centers of a living creature

  • Tighten and loosen screws

  • trigger particular protocols of the TARDIS

My Top 5 Magical Items/Gadgets

Hermione’s Time Turner -

How many times have we done something stupid and wanted to turn back the clock?
I bet it’s a lot. It’s a lot isn’t it?

Hermione may have used her Time-Turner to save Buckbeak and Sirius and become even more of a heroine that she already was, but I would primarily use it to win Pub Trivia contests. Or the lotto. Actually definitely the lotto.

Hermione is obviously made of far better moral fiber than me.

My Top 5 Magical Items/Gadgets

Harry’s Invisibility Cloak -

I mean the possibilities are endless, aren’t they?

Spying on your enemies, escaping awkward situations, sneaking into venues for free, being a floating head (best Halloween costume), avoiding those urchins who stop you on the street to save the children, oh and stealing, so much stealing.

My Top 5 Magical Items/Gadgets

Kitt -

Kitt, (Knight Industries Two Thousand), is a artificially intelligent electronic computer module in the body of a highly advanced, very mobile, robotic automobile. (So basically a Tesla.)

Kitt is also made of a special “Tri-Heliacal Plasteel” meaning he is bulletproof!

Kitt can also do 0-100k/ph in 2 seconds and has built in video games!

I think even the Doctor would be impressed by Kitt, and I’m sure they would’ve been friends.

What is something that you always wished you could own?
Could be from a movie, TV show, comic or a book.
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