Real Life Historical Heroes

We all love a good hero. Villains are fun, but it’s the heroes who capture the hearts and mind of the population. We love watching movies with the unstoppable soldiers, the incorruptible cops or the mighty warrior, I know I do.

Throughout history there have been some truly, ridiculously heroic people, sometimes terrifyingly so. Their heroic, monumental and jaw-dropping lives have inspired stories since humans have been telling them.

Marcus Cassius Scaeva

Real Life Historical Heroes

Marcus was a famous Roman soldier. In his spare time he trained by competing in life threatening fights against actual gladiators.
During the battle of Dyrrhachium he was literally shot in the eye. So he did what any normal person would do, he ripped the arrow from his eye screamed what I can only imagine was a terrifying and confusing scream for the enemy, and continued on-wards slaying men at will. Despite apparently being immune to being shot by arrows, the enemy decided to put two more arrows in him. This of course did nothing and he continued fighting, single handedly holding the Roman line.


Real Life Historical Heroes

Flamma, translated as The Flame, was a Roman gladiator famous for having the coolest name anyone has ever had in the history of people having names.

As we all know from history and pop-culture the aim of being a gladiator was to fight, kill and win your freedom. Not Flamma, he was offered his freedom 4 times and each time he refused without hesitation! I guess he liked being thrown into sandy pits and murdering people all day. Well, to each their own.


Real Life Historical Heroes

Galvarino is the guy The Wolverine is scared of.
He was captured by The Spaniards who cut off BOTH of his hands before sending him home. When asked what he intended to do about it he said “tear them apart with my teeth.” But alas he didn’t do that. Instead he strapped knives where his hands used to be and spent his days stab-punching people who wronged him


Real Life Historical Heroes

Tlahuicole was captured by The Aztecs around the 15th century. But apparently he was so charming and wonderful that he became a part of The Aztec population and even rose to become a commander in their army. It was said that he was so giant and strong that other soldiers couldn’t even lift his weapons.

But when he realized that he wasn’t able to kill his old brethren, and he couldn’t turn on his new Aztec friends, he requested a warrior’s death. He was given the chance to fight like a gladiator until he died.
Tlahuicole killed 8 Aztec Eagle warriors, and wounded 20 more. These are not grunts or thugs in the Aztec army, you have to achieve greatness on the battlefield to become an Aztec Eagle warrior, they were treated like royalty. And he beat 28 of them before he was killed.

Once he was eventually killed The Aztecs cut out his heart and sacrificed it to the gods. Presumably to let them know he was coming so they could hide.


Khutulan was a Mongolian Princess and a certified bad-ass. She was a bad-ass among a people who were famous for being bad-asses.

Real Life Historical Heroes

It was said that she rode into enemy camps, plucked a soldier onto her horse and rode off without ever breaking stride. Marco Polo is said to have been particularly amazed by her abilities as a warrior and a wrestler.
She had many suitors and her father left it up to her to decide who she would marry. She agreed to marry the first man who beat her in a wrestling match, if she won however he would have to give her horses as a prize. She died unmarried and with 10,000 horses.