There’s not a lot to tell really. I’ve lived in four different countries, on four different continents, and both hemispheres. I’ve read more books than I care to count and I’ve recently rediscovered my love of writing fiction. Now my goal is just to write as much as I can, and read in every spare moment I get. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have dreams of being a published fantasy author one day, but all I can do is keep writing and keep reading.

At this risk of droning on about myself endlessly and needlessly, I have abridged my personality into a Likes & Dislikes list.


  • Loud people

  • Crowds

  • Moaners

  • Vegetables

  • Cats

  • Tequila

  • Winter

  • Coffee

  • Math

  • Liverpool FC


  • My wife and like 6 other people

  • Dogs

  • BBQ Food

  • Football (Proper football)

  • Books/Writing

  • Chocolate

  • Cars/Motorbikes

  • Tea

  • Summer

  • Manchester United