Lloyd was born in 1993 in a small town in Wales. Despite moving from Wales to England, then on to Japan, then down to Australia and finally to The United States, one thing has always remained constant in Lloyd’s life. His love of reading. Lloyd wrote stories during school but upon leaving high school he rarely wrote. After university Lloyd began reading at a higher pace than ever, finishing a book every week or so and finding himself desperately in love with the world of fantasy.

All this reading filled Lloyd’s head with ideas and he finally decided to write a book. A daunting task but one he tackled with enthusiasm. His first novel, Snowborn is expected to be completed soon. Snowborn is an epic fantasy of adventure, war and brotherhood. He has plans for more books in the series, and currently his ideas make up a total of 4 more books yet to be written. Plus another dozen in a dozen different worlds.

Lloyd’s writing has been described as "fast-paced and brutal action” and “glorious tomes of adventure on a world wide scale”. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of his writing heroes, Anthony Ryan, Robin Hobb and Bernard Cornwell.

Lloyd Edwards About